KX Adds The CW to Western North Dakota

CW on KXBISMARCK, ND – The CW Television Network has landed a new broadcast home in Western North Dakota, with it’s new partner Nextstar’s cluster of TV stations: KXMB/Bismarck, KXMC/Minot, KXMA/Dickinson, and KXMC/Williston.

Nexstar brands the group of stations under the “KX News” monicker, which also serves as the primary affiliate for CBS programming in the region.

The CW had been seen on a cable only channel via The CW Plus national feed, known as “North Dakota CW” and “KWMK” carried on Midcontinent Communications channel 14 in Bismarck, and the rest of their regional system.


One thought on “KX Adds The CW to Western North Dakota

  1. Whoever does ads for the CW obviously does not watch this channel. The Dare to Defy spots are disgustingly loud and on constantly. Seriously, watch for one hour and you will be very annoyed. Some good shows but I change channels when the spots come on.

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