KTPT Flips to “The Breeze”

RAPID CITY, SD — Bethesda Christian Broadcasting has flipped Christian CHR “97.9 The Point” KTPT-FM to Christian Worship “97.9 The Breeze“.

Since 1984, when KSLT first signed on the air, contemporary Christian music has been a part of the airwaves across the Black Hills and beyond. Our style of music was barely known in this area in the mid 80’s, but soon caught on and even helped to birth the Hills Alive Festival 30 years ago. Bethesda Christian Broadcasting (BCB) was formed and up until 1996 KSLT was the only Black Hills station operated in by BCB.

In 1996 BCB purchased the radio station known as KLMP. KLMP broadcasted a mixture of inspirational music along with teaching and preaching programs. In 2004 BCB obtained a license for a third station and began what is known today as 97.9 The Point. For eleven years, 97.9 The Point has offered a format of music geared toward a younger audience. Although it was a great outreach, 97.9 The Point was never able to achieve a level of funding necessary to cover its expenses. With that said, we want to thank everyone who has invested their time, talent and finances to bring us this far.

Over the past few months much reshaping of the music played on KSLT has been taking place. A mix of the music that was being heard on 97.9 The Point has moved to KSLT. If you have been a listener of The Point we invite you to give 107.1 KSLT a try. If you are a fan of the Wally Show on 97.9 The Point we are excited to let you know Wally is moving to KSLT as well and will be broadcast weekday evenings from 7 to 11pm.


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